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2007 Showcase of Poems
(Number after name refers to month selected)
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Is The Christmas Spirit Alive Today? by Von Weeks - 12Winter by Fernando Guasch - 12
Twas The Night Before Winter by Laura Velli - 12Grandma's Gift by Denny Lancaster - 12
Dancing Leaves by Tara Burton - 11This Thanksgiving Day by Bernard Howe - 11
Thanksgiving Day by Linda Coker - 11The First Thanksgiving By Tom Zart - 11
World Series 2004 by Cody Dickinson - 10I Am The Sea by Peter A. Rosado - 10
Teardrop In The Rain by Pamala Thomas - 10World War One by Chris Neal - 10
Finding it All by Joyce Lock - 09Just One More Please by Brian Lee - 09
Never Forget by Rebekah Powell - 09Family Camping by John Leroy Maxwell - 09
City Built Below The Sea by Chris Dixon - 08Of Life and Death by Michael Brittain - 08
Reflections On Time by Joseph A. Decker, Jr. - 08Dry Heat by Linda Coker - 08
Message by Ashok Niyogi - 07Banishment by Rhymemeister - 07
I Cried by Liz Reinhardt - 07Grandmother's Jewels by Joyce C. Lock - 06
Daddy's Memoriam by Jan Sopshier - 06PawPaw's Porch by Jerry Pat Bolton - 06
The Widow's Walk by Lanaia Lee - 06Earning and Spending by David Kessel - 05
Easy Prey by Carey Lenehan - 05Blankie Comfort by John Leroy Maxwell - 05
I Don't Know You by Cindy Branchaud - 05The Forest by Leonard C. Mayer - 04
The Moon Is Brazen by Sharon Flynn - 04Religiosity by Bill Davison - 04
Through a Dragons Eyes by Paula Scott - 03Dust Bowl Days by Nicole S. Porter - 03
Life by Loren Sebastian - 03She Lives On by Patricia Ertel - 03
Infinite Love by Lupércio Mundim - 02My Love by Charlene Law - 02
I Look At You And I See Love by Kenneth Yost - 02Fanatically In Love by Nikhil Parekh - 02
I Believe In by Ravi Rajan - 01Your Guiding Hand by Marian Jones - 01
The Forest by Leonard C. Mayer - 01I Wrote A Poem Today by Joseph Kofi Gyanteh - 01

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