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Poem of the Month

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April 2008... Poem of the Month has been suspended until further notice.

Poetry Galore features a poem and its author every month with the announcement occurring by the 15th of the month...

Each honoree will receive a badge (sample shown) for display on their site along with being listed with the poem's title on a separate Poetry Galore page and comments by the critics panel.  (Honoree's other poems become eligible again in three months for POM consideration.)

Sample badge -- Poetry Galore Poem of the Month
All anyone has to do for consideration is having his or her poem being accepted for a listing on Poetry Galore.  (Effective November 2006, poems and stories by Poetry Galore's staff are eligible, as they are no longer involved in selecting Poem of the Month and Showcase Poems.)

Evaluation Process
The Poetry Galore Critics Panel will select the Poem of the Month by a point system associated with the following review questions . . .

  • What words stood out as you read the poem?
  • Are there any phrases you can remember?
  • Do you understand the poems message?
  • What emotions will you use in reading the poem?
  • If the poem underwent a grammar check would the meaning change?
  • Is knowledge of language structure, etc exhibited?
  • Do you recognize the text as poetry?
  • Do you think the writer has read the poem only a few times?
  • When you read the poem from the writers prospective was it with emotion?
  • Would you recommend the poem to encourage another to read or write poetry?
Join Critics Panel
Poets and poetry lovers, who are members of Poetry Galore's Waking Dreams, can contact Cynthia Jones, Writing Coordinator, if interested in joining Poetry Galore's Critics Panel.

Honorees: 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 || Showcase

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