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2007 Honorees

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DecemberHolly's Legend by Dot McGinnis
Dot McGinnis is an angel showing us the other meaning of things, and a delightful new way to see. A detailed story of the holly bush giving cover for the new born baby king, making this a wonderful holiday sensation.
NovemberThanksgiving on America's Banks by Carol Dee Meeks
The title speaks kindly to the heart this time of year and the form is as beautiful as the words. In a soft melody, we are shown memories of the past and how we can look forward with thanks.
OctoberHobo's Song by Benjamin Tamboer
It is a wonderful and deserving write that should bring chills down the reader's spine.
SeptemberHow Quickly Some Do Forget by Andrea M. Paterson
There is so much truth in this poem, it is scary and September is ripe for these words. People are so fickle, they jump on and off the band-wagon for every cause and have no mind of their own.
AugustMy Portrait by Jolen Casper
How will you paint me? Will you leave out all my flaws? Will you only show the better side of me? The artist paints a masterpiece, a true self portrait, and allows the author to truly see with eyes closed tight.
JulySong of Liberty By Jared Kimball Turner
Liberty is so precious and sung here for all to hear, with the stinging truth to be read. It is what we yearn for, and ache with the lesson that is sure to follow, morals.
JuneCrimson Warmth by Swati Goswami
The artistry of words paints for us a vivid picture of a beautiful scene yet something cold and dreary. The agony is written. Even so, there is warmth in the words that work to lift the spirit with hope of what waits and inpsires us to move forward.
MayA Touch of Spring by Claude Peter Dhuet
This poem is lifting to the soul. A beautiful and excellent example of an echo poem. 'Cheering up my day with their many fellows Yellows' Perfectly describes how felt when reading the author's verse.
AprilAnother Life Given by Denny Lancaster
Perfect salutations for spring! A reminder to what is offered to us as a renewing and hopeful day. The words in this verse inspires the spirit to rise up and to carry on, for all that has been spent in aspiration.
MarchScore by Layla Jade
Some of our very best thoughts are those presented in a poetic form. The flowing stanzas of score was based upon an experience of the author. Although not for certain that a junkie broke into the van, the author none the less presents a perfect picture of the thought process of a junkie, which is an all too familiar story of we who really know or have known a junkie. Simple, pure and enlightening to someone who merely hears the word junkie without any real reflection or knowledge of an addiction.
FebruaryRainbow Party by Anumeha Gupta
'Cirkus-Cirkus was the fabulous place and Rainbow party was the theme.' Some say we dream in black and white, not say Anumeha and their colorful description of an imaginative fun time shared by all. This verse is written with a consistent flare and flows beautifully, taking shape with its careful detail.
JanuaryDreams of A Pauper by Lorene Green
"If my life I could repeat, Into that time, I would retreat!" Lorene does a beautiful job taking us to the time of renaissance with fair ladies and gentlemen.

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