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DecemberMy Special Christmas by Bernard Howe
In the celebration of Christmas, we celebrate a birth and the gift of God's love. What that gift gave to mankind is a means to life even after his death. Bernard's poem expresses something that lives within our hearts day to day because of Christ's gift and love. A beautiful poem written with such a delicate scene but hits the heart firmly with the true spirit of Christmas.
NovemberThe Last Laugh? by Linda Coker
The punctuation mark makes this title a question, requiring a read to find an answer . . . A story is told here with good form and flow. True or not we can not be sure, but you will be sure to get a laugh.
OctoberShaped by Denver Fredericks
'Having years of weather shape the outlook' . . . Positive or not, it may be read differently, but an explanation of how one's outlook is formed. We all go through trials and tribulations that shape us into the person we are. Sometimes we are sad for what we have lost. Most times we are better for the experiences.  Denver wonderfully shaped this poem!
SeptemberWind Beneath The Wings by Shauna Painter
"Integrity. Service. Excellence. Three values I have gained. Each of them you demonstrated, Each one of them attained." A brilliant thank you in a richly written verse from Shauna to SSgt. Stefanie Hinson.
AugustVisions Of Sunrise by Gilbert Saenz
'Misty dawn, lilac sky,' begins each stanza of this verse reminding us of the beauty that meets each day. The arrangement paints a portrait with sandy feet and crashing waves to the shore. The horizon is before us taking our minds from worry and replacing the void with the wonder of nature and her gifts.
JulyMilitary Child by Sharon Munday
'Taboo to make a caring friend, for fate foretold of pain' . . . Too often are forgotten the sacrifices of the service members and their families. This poem shares those feelings of a military child and could easily be those of the adult members as well. It is not easy moving so many times in one's , but it is only one sacrifice carried out by military families. Most times society does not give that a second thought, leaving a difficult path for the younger family members.
JuneParents by Hooman Anvari
"As we later scorn wisdom's blind advice manifesting our hearts past rage, We feel guilt and mourn the parents we now crave," ... The love of our parents, there is no other and this poem is testament telling us so. This verse confirms all that we know about the two people that give us life and love with all of their being.
MayWhen I Remember Home by Pearlie Duncan Walker
'The old well down in back beside Mama’s washstand, deep and old. She’d draw up a bucket of water, and with a dipper we’d drink it cold.' How sweet the taste of yesterday. This poem brings back memories and so much taken for granted when we are much to young to appreciate. The flavor of life only deepens in its richness with years and this verse explains that so well.
AprilGoblin by Layla Jade
A touching story with the most happy ending. A testament of fate and true belonging holding fast to your heart. The tempo works toward warming you as the first stanzas are read keeping you tuned in and looking for something great, which is exactly what the author gives.


Homeless Creed by Benjamin T. Fisher II
"Some say that we are crazy That we sold our souls to cheap Because we’ll sell our bodies Just so our kids can eat." The cold hard truth is told and chills to the bone, this message should be heard by all. Benjamin holds the tone with an easy to follow meter, stating his words clearly and with perfect stanzas and doing what poetry should do...shakes the soul. This poem deserves honor, as does it's author and those who make the subject a viable one.

FebruaryTheresa by Goddonny Fassig Normil
Explosive with romance and a perfect selection for the month of love. The author shares a passion and clearly sets the mood in the first four lines. The title a name, the poem a splendor, and flowing directly from the heart.
JanuaryAn Illinois Lawn by Don Lewis
A quant little poem teaching us how to start a lawn in Illinois. It also should stir a similar memory among many men, bringing a smile of younger times . . . And the last line says it all, "Just ask my wife... "

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