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DecemberChristmas Eve In Norway by Ivar Kalleberg
There is a wonderful rhythm to this poem . . . And while it might be sad, it is also bright. The emotions expressed in this poem gives the reader a warm feeling and brings a big smile to the face.
NovemberA Father's Calling by James H. Lee Jr.
A thoughtful father who carefully ponders where his footsteps may go and who will follow is conveyed both with rhyme and reason in this apt poem for any season.
OctoberOpen Mind by Andrea L. Rust-Wolford
All of us have probably thought that by spending so much time on a computer at work and home, that the computer may become an extension of ourselves. Think no more and enjoy a poem which is well written but must be read with an "open mind" not control, alt and delete.
SeptemberThe Same Box by Don Lewis
The true meaning of the words expressed by the author should touch many readers' hearts . . . bringing a tear or more.
AugustDon't Cry For Me by Jamie Scott
Although July the fourth has past, the words in the poem have a meaning which resonates for a life time.
JulyThe First Christmas Tree by Dot McGinnis
All of us attempt to imagine the very first Christmas tree and with Dot's poem our imaginations come alive with a very touching, yet simple message of the faith of the child in each of us.
JuneThe Withering by Vaishali Shelatkar
With outstretched words, the author in a narrative form tells us of our ultimate death's and as onlookers, how and why human dignity can be restored through compassion and understanding.
MayThe Journey by David Bradley
The author gives us a glimpse of a journey through the eyes of those who have traveled a familiar road before. Yet in the voice which is heard, knows that there is no mystery beyond the door.
AprilBewilderment by Nicola Ashcroft
Some where between dusk and dawn, life's changing emotions are left.  Not knowing whether they are lingering or transparent.
MarchThe Lost Lagoon by James Deyotte
A joyous poem of a life lived and then lifted from a place of solitude and remembrance.
FebruaryAutumn by Gilbert Saenz
The author presents a clear memory of an encounter in an autumn punctuated with falling leaves and a bouquet of flowers which is sure to also kindle memories of our own.


What Will You Find? by K. Cathleen Lengyel
Walking to a sea shore and thinking of sharks is trying to most of us, but Kat quells our fears with a compelling poem of conservation, and the stark reality of what may be without understanding and a desire to be one with nature.

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