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DecemberChristmas Eve Dreaming by Travis Brasell
"Marks of a sleigh" begins and ends the poem. In between we are treated to a tuck in bed followed by dreams so real that actual sounds and tastes are realized, knowing that dreams are what we want them to be and upon awakening can in fact be real. A delightful poem of Christmas and what the season is for a child who is allowed to follow Santa.
NovemberGratifying Last Words by Andrea M. Paterson
To have the last word in an argument or expressing an opinion which goes against the crowd is something all of us wish we had done.  In some cases, like the one expressed in the point, there is a time to be silent and there is a time to speak.
OctoberBeyond by James H. Lee Jr.
A heart touching poem / song that should give solace to all whose love one or friend has crossed over to eternal life.  It also reminds us of the joyous meetings and more when it is our time to make the same journey.
SeptemberDay Dream by Cassie McNair
This wonderful poem about one's love is a musical melody of words that takes your hand . . . leading you through her day dreams.
AugustThrough The Eyes of A Blind Man by Virginia Haefner Wark
The flow of this amazing poem is like a breath of air, it flows so soft and freely, so effortless. But the message it sends is as hard hitting as any message could be . . . and memorable.
JulyWhat Is My Purpose Here? by Von E. Weeks
Well written with perfect stanzas and rhythm, reinstating the question often asked and confirming our worth . . . that we do indeed answer to a higher power . . . His words are a constant reminder.
JuneTonight I Made A Phone Call by Andrea M. Paterson
The reader should experience all the love and compassion that this wonderful poem was written with. By the eighth stanza you might even find tears rolling down your cheeks . . . The words were chosen well to see to it that feelings were conveyed.
MayChanging the Score by Joyce C. Lock
A wonderful trope of words, with power confirming faith! The arrangement and periphrasis give a complete understanding to the authors message. This is a perfect inspiring piece for printing and keeping close by us . . . to have for reading at our moments of despair.
AprilAt Calvary by Carol Dee Meeks
Carol has not only written well but her words touch the soul at this holy time. She speaks in a whisper but writes clearly for us to understand.
MarchThe Writer's Enchantment by Teryth Wimms
On many evenings when the sun begins his departure and we are left with just enough light to see our print, I can hide away on the back porch. This is a perfect spot for jotting down thoughts in private. The only company to be found can be nature and colors painted by our lord. This poem reminds one of those kinds of evenings, just when the sun is setting. An evening when the writer only knows pen and paper with every sight and sound driving thoughts that must be formed in verse.
FebruaryThe Greatest Thing You'll Never Know by Chad Tomas
It makes you want to speak out to Chad and scream... "Tell the girl!" This poem is written to get a positive response from the most unwilling participant. The often popular thought by many has been presented here in a poignant manner. We all can relate to dreaming of someone who did not return our glances . . . Chad has written it with a most descriptive point of view.


Christmas Down On The Farm by Carol Dee Meeks
This is the place where one should want to spend the holidays. Surrounded by the beauty of fallen snow and crystal trees. A picture perfect way to spend December with family, friends and our beloved fur babies. A truly inspirational way to be close to Jesus and to remember the reason for the season.

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