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DecemberNo Selection
NovemberCherish the Moments by Joyce C. Lock
Joyce has written sweet words.  This verse should touch each reader  very much reminding... one of a young daughter, son or another loved one growing.  So, cherish the moment it takes to read this poet's thoughtful remembrance.
OctoberUnforgettable by Inca Vtipil
It is simply beautiful this wonder of looking at the broken in spirit.... Every line, every word perfectly placed. The author shares his grieving process while finding his peace.  The reader might find tears streaming upon reading the first stanza and the descriptive goodbye . . . like losing one's own love. Although there is pain within these lines, there is also a comfort here.  Very moving and so true!
SeptemberScent of A Woman by Vicky Millard
There is something which lingers in the poem like in the song and movie, "Lady in Red" and swirls around in the mind which evokes fond memories of touching and heart felt moments.  The form lends itself to
epitome of beauty.
AugustBridget by Sharon L. Bancroft
Bridget is a signature poem of an author who obviously knew the subject well. The name is spelled out with unique qualities lovingly explained, the second stanza possibly reasons for writing the poem, followed by final stanza which tells the reader why the spirit of the departed love one will endure.
JulyBaby Dream Catcher by Laura Velli
An expression based on Native American lore . . . this enticing ballad of words serves the spirit.  With perfect meter, the reader comfortably finds the rhythm that the author intended.  Baby Dream Catcher makes the reader feel . . . warmed, softened, relaxed, and tranquil.  Laura Velli has done a splendid job in creating a sweet lullaby for anyone to enjoy and have a gentle sleep afterwards, including us


The Dream by KayDee Ward
A wondrous poem, with so much heart, the imagery was so real it just seems to draw you in . . . The Dream mirrors life and our path to our savior and all the detours we travel in-between.  I could feel her anguish and terror as she went along the path.  And then the joy and excitement when saved by our Savior in the end.

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