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Mourning / Grief


My Loved One Gone
by David G. Bancroft

The time has come.
Your earthly life has been taken from
me and those who
dearly love you
with feelings so deep and true.

The memory of being your choice,
the wonderful sound of your voice,
looking into your caring eyes,
walking with you under blue or cloudy skies,
your soft, familiar touch,
and the sharing of our children you loved so much,
comforts me as I go on
knowing you have gone
to a much better place…
where you are basking in God's eternal grace.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright ©
All Rights Reserved


I wrote this poem for all those who suffer the loss of their loving
spouse... after a family friend lost her husband to melanoma cancer,
which resurfaced personal thoughts of the very difficult period that
my brother and sister-in-law went through when their 20 year old
daughter (my goddaughter) lost a five month battle to leukemia.
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