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Mourning / Grief


by James H. Lee Jr.

(A Song)

Beyond the veil of tears,
Our sorrows will be healed,
And all the pain and suffering
That we have long concealed.

'Twill be a state of bliss,
Where love will know no bounds,
And every hour of every day
We'll hear such heavenly sounds.

No grief will there be known,
No heartache, no pain, no sorrow,
For loved ones will be there with us
To share that bright tomorrow.

What gladsome praise we'll sing,
In one long lasting chord,
To God, who is Our Father,
And Jesus Christ, the Lord.

All hail the Great Creator,
And bless His holy name,
Let earth and heaven sing His songs,
And every heart proclaim

His majesty and glory,
And His eternal love,
And thank Him for His mercy
That flows from heaven above.

Oh what a glad reunion,
Beyond the veil of tears,
Awaits God's righteous children
In a few short years.

James H. Lee Jr.
This poem is from my book of Heart Thoughts for Those Who Grieve and Mourn.  Here is the why behind it...

It was written to bring comfort to those who are afraid to die, or who are near death, to help them to understand and know the things which I have come to understand concerning what lies beyond this veil of tears.

I sent a copy of it to my sister, Jennie Adam, and some time later received a cassette tape with several of my poems which I had shared with her, which she had put to music, and made beautiful songs out of them. The last one on the tape was Beyond. At first she played the music all the way through, then sang the words as she played. Both my wife and I listened intently, and sat there almost spellbound, as if we had heard this song before, and it penetrated our very beings, and thrilled our souls as we listened. It was amazing. Although she has written over 200 songs, and I love them, this is one which I remember most, because of the feelings I felt when I first heard it. The first 80 of her songs were written, using the poems I had shared with her, then she started writing her own words and music, and shares them whenever she has the opportunity to do so.

In talking to her about Beyond, she shared with me that she felt it very appropriate to sing this song at funerals to comfort those who had lost a loved one. She told me about how the music had come to her. Most of the poems I had shared with her which were turned into songs, the music had come, even before she had finished reading the poem. But this one she labored over for some time, and nothing came to her, until one day, she was watching "Fantasy Island," and in the background was a tune being played which immediately caught her attention, and she jumped up and went to the piano and sat down and began writing the music for this beautiful song. I have sung this song many times since that day, mostly to myself when I was alone, but a few times have shared it with others, and every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart and soul. What a choice blessing it has been to have such a special lady to be my own dear sister, who has done so much to help me share the messages of my heart with others. Thank you, Jennie.

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