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Mourning / Grief


A Passageway
by James H. Lee Jr.

Death, that awful doorway
Into the great beyond,
Creates an untold mystery,
And breaks that earthly bond

Which ties us to our children,
And parents, kind and dear,
And everyone we knew and loved
While dwelling on this sphere.

But there awaits a pleasure
Too sweet to here be known,
Where angels dwell forever,
Around God's heavenly throne.

No sorrow, but rejoicing
Will fill our happy heart,
And we will find sweet peacefulness,
When we, at last, depart.

In heaven we're surrounded
By beauty everywhere,
And we may have a rich reward
Beyond the Golden Stair.

No wonder heavenly angels
Engage in songs of praise,
And great majestic choirs sing
Of Jesus, and His ways.

Death is but a passageway
Into the great beyond,
Where untold mysteries reveal
A sweet eternal bond.
James H. Lee Jr.
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