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Love and Romance (# - He)

Love and Romance > He - Oc | Od - Wh | Wh - Y

100% Love

A Fragile Flower

A Hug

A L O N E 03

A Mother's Love 01

A Perfect Love 01

A Red Rosebud

A Small Wish 01

A Song For An Old Love

A Special Gift

A Valentine Prayer

A Wish For Hope

Abandoned 01

After The Sunset

Aldwin A. Tomagan

All I Ever Wanted

Alone With A Thought

Always Love You 01

An Absence Of A Past

An Ode To Love ... Marriage

Anniversary Poem

Another Day 01

Another Life's Year

As I look Upon Your Face

As It Went On

As The Miles Pass Us By

As Time Goes By

At Love At First Sight

Autumn 02

Awaiting My Soldier

Between A Rock and Hard Place

Black Rose

Blue Eyes 01


Broken Crown

Budding Seeds

Butterflies 01

Butterfly Wishes

By Chance 01

Can You See What I See

Coat of Arms 01

Colors 01

Come Back 01

Daddy Ain't Com'n Home


Day Dream 01

Dear Don

Delicate As A Rose

Distance 01

Does He Think Of Me?

Dreams Do Come True



Everyday 01

Expectation 01

Eyes Don't Lie

Faded Ribbons

Falling 01

Fanatically In Love

Fleeting Star / Estrella Fugaz

Flower Girl

For Joel Illescas...My Life

For My Love 01

Forever Into The Distant Blue

Forgive and Forget

Friend In Need

Garden Of Tricolor Roses

Gifted 01

Greatest Thing You'll Never Know

Hand and Hand 01

Happiness 02

Happy Anniversary 01

Hedge of Protection

Hello Honey 01

Her Heart 01

Love and Romance > He - Oc | Od - Wh | Wh - Y

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