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Life and Time


What Is My Purpose Here?
by Von E. Weeks

Who am I? And what is my purpose here?
What truths and values should I hold dear?

What is the reason for pain and strife?
What is my place in the scheme of life?

Many a soul must have pondered before,
The answers to these questions I explore.

Some believe only in things that they see,
I cannot comprehend such a futile reality.

If a life of self-indulgence is it; and death is the end,
Life’s purpose is something I cannot comprehend.

I trust that life must mean more then a daily ordeal,
An inner voice whispers to my spirit that God is real.

Like the wind, man cannot see their maker above,
But his works result in limitless goodness and love,

I marvel at the immensity of the stars in the sky,
I contemplate the complexity of the human eye.

I sit in wonder at the beauty of earth’s animals and flora,
I’m always amazed by the complexity of the sun’s aura.

I stand awe struck at the site of a forest of towering trees,
I muse at the complexity of natures interdependencies.

Mighty miracles happen! As surely as mankind breaths air,
I see, and feel, the proof of Heavenly Father almost everywhere.

Mortal existence is but a single chapter in our eternal life,
We CAN have eternal relations with our children and wife!

As I sit down and solemnly pray, meditate, and ponder,
I know that one day soon I too will be in the life yonder.

I’ve felt the influence of God changing and refining me,
And his scriptures give me cause for hope in life eternally.
Von E. Weeks
Copyright 2003
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