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Faith and Religion


Acts of Faith
by David G. Bancroft

Faith is required everyday
and not just in one way…

Faith is a child’s trust
of a parent,
when the purpose is unapparent.

Faith is a spouse
believing in one’s mate
during the most difficult strait.

Faith is taking
your child’s word,
even when sounding absurd.

Faith is a soldier
moving forward under enemy fire
in situations that are very dire.

Faith is supporting the troops,
in time of war,
regardless of its bloody score.

Faith is extending a hand,
even to someone unknown
from a foreign land.

Faith is a positive mindset
when facing life’s tragedies
including death’s threat.

Faith is a good deed
for another in need
with no intent of gain or greed.

Faith is staying true to God,
even when being subjected
to Satan’s evil fa�ade.
David G. Bancroft
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All Rights Reserved
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