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How Do They Live Their Life? by Bob Gotti

Postby Bob Gotti » Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:55 pm

How Do They Live Their Life?
by Bob Gotti

Just how do unbelievers cope, when they know not The Blessed Hope?
The One above who knows all affairs, and wants to take all their cares.
Just how do these men live their life, while never seeking Jesus Christ?
Who offers to us His helping hand, through ways we cannot understand.

How do they survive every day, without ever knowing God?s Only Way?
That narrow way above all the strife, the way of Peace in Jesus Christ.
How do they deal with all the grief, when in their heart there?s no relief?
While having a heart that?s devoid of, The Living Lord?s Gracious Love.

When those storms of life do come, where does their help come from?
To deal with all of the pain and strife, that all men encounter in this life.
Do they ever reach the place, when they?d welcome His hand of Grace?
The Grace God supplies abundantly, that flows to all men from Calvary.

Will these unbelievers ever learn, to love the Lord who now they spurn?
With deep contempt within their heart, of The Lord, they?ll have no part.
Friend, could it be just ignorance, which causes men such indifference?
Being never told about God?s Son, or the eternal future that is to come.

Were not all Believers, at one time, spiritually dead, in heart and mind?
And as The Lord above the skies, reaches down to open up their eyes,
Now being saved like me and you, as new Believers shall question too,
How did I ever live this life, without The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

(Copyright ?07/2006 Bob Gotti) /
Bob Gotti

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