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PRINCESS DIANA by Claude Peter Dhuet

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Sat Feb 18, 2006 4:26 am

Claude Peter Dhuet

Lo as I look from the heaven above,
I see you looking in piety and love,
At a spectacle ,
Such as the world has never seen,
Dedicated to me.

But I grieve, not that I will be forgotten,
But that which I was determined to do myself will,
To help the poor, the sick and the lonely,
Those who have no place to rest their heads.

They say that heaven is a place,
Where there is neither grief nor sorrow,
Perhaps that is true,
But I hope that God makes an exception,
And allow me to grieve a little longer.

For life for me has been cut short,
And that which I love most has come to naught.
But perhaps through you who grieve for me,
The work which I began will not be forgotten.

But most of all I ask of you,
That which is most important,
Love you one another, for there is no other way,
To bring the world together.

by Claude Peter Dhuet
5 September, 1997
Claude Peter Dhuet

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