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My Poems Listed at Poetry Galore

Postby Thinker » Fri Feb 17, 2006 3:40 am

Dear Reader,

As the founder and owner of Poetry Galore . . . and author of a few poems, I want to thank you for visiting Poetry Galore and its Waking Dreams, where poems and stories are now listed effective February 12, 2006 along with the sharing of thoughts and friendship in its other forums.

And while you can find my poems listed at Poetry Galore by browsing and using the general and Waking Dreams' search features, I have listed them below with links to their respective page for easy access. (Use request of one of my poems listed at Poetry Galore must be emailed with the reason for its use.)

I hope you enjoy them . . . painting your own scenes with my "words of waking dreams"...

  1. A Christmas Thought
  2. A Dad's Love
  3. An American First
  4. A Mother
  5. Acts of Faith
  6. Always Mom
  7. Always My Little Ones
  8. Always There!
  9. Another Life's Year
  10. Being Dad
  11. Belief
  12. Boy of Ten
  13. Choices
  14. Christmas Time
  15. Dear Mom and Dad
  16. Dear Mr. President
  17. Dear Pope John Paul II
  18. Doing For Us!
  19. Everyday
  20. Father and Son
  21. Fleeting
  22. Free Will
  23. Freedom
  24. Friendship
  25. God Is Here
  26. God's Patience
  27. Gone Too Soon
  28. Her Only Son
  29. Hurricane, Nature's Test
  30. I Dream
  31. I Look Up
  32. I Miss
  33. Just One Man
  34. Life
  35. Life Lived
  36. Life's Hourglass
  37. Little Ones
  38. Love You Mom
  39. Love's Wonder
  40. My Loved One Gone
  41. My Loving Wife
  42. On This Christmas Day
  43. One Nation Under God
  44. Online Tasteless Meat
  45. Our Olympians
  46. Our Walk Together
  47. Peace On Earth
  48. Pray All Will See
  49. Proud To Know
  50. Reflection
  51. Remember
  52. Remembering When
  53. Road of Life
  54. Scenes of Wonder
  55. Tears For Your Fallen
  56. Thanks and Praise
  57. Thanks For The Memories
  58. The Little Boy
  59. There Comes The Time
  60. They Are There
  61. Thoughtful Reminder
  62. Today
  63. True Love
  64. Trust
  65. Trying
  66. We Call Her... Boots
  67. What God Avowed
  68. Why?
  69. Youth Eternal

Note... A list of my patriotic poems with associated links can be found at my USA Patriotism! site.
David G. Bancroft
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Author of Books: Mere Chance, Cemetery Woods, American Pride

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