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Postby Tom Zart » Sun May 28, 2006 12:35 pm


Tom Zart

In their new uniforms,
The young march off
Not knowing who shall return.
With a proud devotion,
They brandish their flag
Leaving loved ones to wonder and yearn.

May we all be buried
By all of our children
Is an ancient tribal prayer.
They're so easy to lose
But so hard to forget;
Such a burden for a parent to bear.

Oh, the taste of victory
Shall soon be forgotten;
But, never that which was lost.
For those rows of white headstones
In peaceful green fields,
Make it easy to tally the cost.

America has survived all attempts to destroy
Knowing the cruelty of war,
And, we who remain
Must help keep her free
For those who can march no more!


As war is fought it takes charge,
And events spin out of control.
The madness of men can alter the soil
Which nourishes the roots of their soul.

Many things will forever change,
Far more then wished to be.
As the wrath of war starts to destroy,
Those things we fight to keep free.

War is the greatest plague of man,
Religion, state, and sanity.
Any scourge is more preferred,
Than the one which disables humanity.

When war breaks out, boundaries change
And all who die are a token,
Of the rage that must run it's course,
Before words of peace are spoken.


Every man should be a soldier,
As it was with Romans and Greeks,
For evil loves to steal men?s souls
And strike freedom from their cheeks.

It?s not the guns or armament,
Or the flags which fly in parade,
But love and cooperation
That stops the devil?s charade.

Always remember those who march
To the roll of muffled drums.
Many we know, shall not return
Except to sleep beneath the mums.


Many brave souls lived before now,
Unwept and unknown by their face.
Lost somewhere in the distant night,
?Till a poet chronicles their grace.

True bravery is shown by performing,
Without witness, what one might be
Capable of before the world,
Without any or all to see.

How great the brave who rest in peace,
All blessings from heaven to earth.
They gave our country but their best,
Those destined to be brave from birth.


I?m a solider for the Lord
who?s been up and who?s been down,
Though while on the battlefield,
I have never turned around.

I face more than flesh and blood,
With the devil?s evil hoard.
But they shall not steal my soul.
For I swing my Lord?s swift sword.

I wear all of God?s armor;
With helmet, breastplate and shield.
As Satan?s arrows fly by
From his archers of the field.

The devil casts his dark net
Over any he may charm.
He?ll lead the from salvation,
With has hands upon their arm.

I battle evil daily,
And I pray that you?ll join me.
We?re not alone in this world,
For we?re loved and watched by Thee.


War I hate, though not men, flags nor race,
But war itself with its ugly face.
When we lose faith in the brave which die,
Then we?re not fit to greet those who cry.

What distinguishes war isn?t death,
But that man is slain by fellow man.
Crushed by cruelty and injustice,
With his enemy?s murderous hand.

War tends to punish the punishers,
So the losers won?t suffer alone.
The essence of war is but violence,
Till the survivors come marching home.


Our flag is fabric wove of thread,
Carried by heroes live and dead.
She stands for justice and courage too,
With her colors; red, white and blue.

For all who serve her, there?ll be cheers,
For any who die, there?ll be tears,
For all who love her, life is swell,
For those who harm her, war is hell.

How many moms have cried before,
As they sent their children to war.
How many dads have not returned,
Because our freedom must be earned.

Wars were waged where brave men died
As patriots fought side by side.
Our flag is still the pearl of earth,
Because of those who prove her worth.


The cost of freedom is sometimes high,
Extremely more when our loved one?s die.

Men and women pledged to fight and serve,
And it?s our support that they deserve.

Mankind itself is the one to blame,
That all through history, the story?s the same.

Peace, like love, can be hard to acquire,
Subject always to enemy fire.

Some how the righteouses tend to prevail,
Over the miss-guided, prone to fail.

No wonder we fear the tongues that lie,
As mankind squabbles beneath God?s sky.

The danger our solders face is real,
So lets let them know just how we feel.

Put forth your flag and show them your heart,
As those we love from us depart.

By Tom Zart
Author of
Tom Zart

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