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The First Christmas Still Brings Blessings

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The First Christmas Still Brings Blessings

Postby Carol Dee Meeks » Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:21 pm

We celebrate Christ’ birth again
the Prince of Peace who saves all men.
The stars were shining bright that night
as glorious host, and heavenly sight.

Mary and Joseph endured a long trip
‘cause a Roman census was to be taken,
which fulfilled the prophesies’ written scrip,
at Bethlehem, on a path unshaken.

The new born-boy lay on the hay
as Savior, born on Christmas day.
Mary and Joseph loved their child
who slept in peace so meek and mild.

An angel appeared in the Shepherds’ field
proclaiming the news of the newborn boy,
while multitudes exalted the Savior’s yield
announcing the earth’s, impending hope and joy.

The wise men journeyed from afar
to see the babe’s bright morning star.
He grew into a perfect man
and was known throughout the land.

We celebrate His birth again.
this Prince of Peace who saves all men.
We acknowledge His peace and love
handed to us from The Father above.

© 2008 Carol Dee Meeks
Carol Dee Meeks

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