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Life is a true friend for me, by Tushar

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Life is a true friend for me, by Tushar

Postby tushararora » Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:20 pm

Elders have fought their life,
They were visionary and their enemies were strife,
Since their times of weary and storms,
They had to live in rains,
Times when they were strangled in chains...
And their heads were crowned with thorns;
Crowns of nails endowed with horns!

Sympathy is your duty to do,
The ancestors have long waited for you,
Protected our lands from wars and plagues,
When they lived, appeared rainbows in sky blue.
They used to live with enemies and snakes,
It made them endangered too!

Life is a very true friend,
Beggars ate leftovers but nothing to lend,
Be glad to find some life in you,
Times when King’s crown do falls too!
Leeches have worn the blood so red,
The creatures may run in pain and death!
Pure of hearts will prove to fall,
Certainly, definitely, swim and crawl.

Law-abiding is for men,
Those who follow their righteous pen,
Writing, lending is their game…
And they may save other’s life of shame!
Some men remit off their course,
Their falls will prove as crashing force.

Why the true friend, could be a life?
It takes the course which we like,
Airworthy would be the wind’s ride,
And here it will always go!
True friends are harder to search,
Think of life is harder to ride,
Like the rivers which merge,
Into those oceans which rise and upsurge.

Dear this is life, Embarrassed
Friend we call it sometimes foe,
It depends on seeds we soe,
If we become one like time,
Life and friends will sublime.

Lovingly Very Happy ,


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