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Thoughtful gesture by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:02 pm

Thoughtful gesture

The smallest things touch the deepest spot
Realization of truth after obstinacy
Warmest greeting after years of silence
Foregoing, for the greater good, of prominence
Heartfelt thanks for thoughtful gesture
Quietly flooded with humbling remembrance

A mother feline finding her lost cubs
The heart wrenching cries during the search
And the jubilance of safety and reunion
Loving, missing, caring and the butterflies surge
Milling brazenly grinding over the viscera
Feeling of the soul and universe to one merge

The budding of the tiniest shoot after winter
Green fragile solitary hardly able to hold its own
Blanketed in cold with a weak sun for company
Or the baby cranky and crabby just able to moan
And its gurgling joy emitted with laughter
The happiness and unfettered joy heard in its tone

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2007

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