Mere Chance: A Relentless, Deadly, Maze of Life by David G. Bancroft

Cemetery Woods by David G. Bancroft

American Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. Bancroft

Waking Dreams by David G. Bancroft

Pounded by Denver Fredericks

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Pounded by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:14 am


Prompted by misfortune
Fuelled by the past
Shaped by gravity
Hungered to rectify
The incumbent strove

Created by cruelty
And molded in grief
Pounded into action
Alive to all the possibilities
Pulsated churned onwards

Now gifted with knowledge
Soaked in desire
Energized by need
To get the fields leveled
Revenge powered the quest

Chased by past demons
Taught by lies
Equipped by scorn
Eagerness warranted force
Piston coiled to release

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2006

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