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Comments for...TELEVISION

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Comments for...TELEVISION

Postby Csescape » Sun Feb 26, 2006 7:09 pm


When I read TELEVISION it made me picture the TV that my parents had pretty much all my life at home. It was the wooden cabnet kind, not a modern all black, big screen or slim line silver plasma that everyone seems to have today. The shows we picked up on that wooden box came from an antenia running the height of the house and beyond the roof. We would have to physically go outside to turn it sometimes to get our favorite channel to come in. (Hey, I'm still young LOL) I grew up in the country and we did not have cable even when others did. It is not only the exterior that has changed but the shows that we watch have changed too. I can completey relate with Bernard's feelings about wanting to change that. This poem clarifies his feelings and is inviting to take another look at what we consume as a pass time.

You can read TELEVISION at the following link

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