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Song Contest.

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Song Contest.

Postby Bernard Shaw » Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:26 am

Song Contest

Fairies are as a rule quiet people only when they have a song contest can one really hear them. They have sweet voices and some of their songs I find myself whistling when I work in my garden. Today walking through Fairyland I heard so many Fairies singing. Each was singing a different song and I must admit I could only understand a few words. On seeing me the Fairies stopped singing I must admit my ears were glad for the silence. “Mr. Shaw we are having a song contest to find who has the best singing voice. Will you be a judge for us and our contest?”

Like many people I was secretly pleased that I had been asked it boosted my feelings for an hour or so. My answer to the Fairies question was , “Yes on one condition. Each Fairy must sing one after the other the same song. That is the only way for me to say who really has the best singing voice.” The fairies spoke together for a few minutes and agreed that the same song was to be sung by each Fairy. They picked a song that all Fairies know it was a Fairy Lullaby that is sung to all Fairy Babies to help them drop off to sleep.

Now the Fairies all sang the same song as they went about their work, I was happy to hear them singing; before the noise was terrible. One Fairy had a lovely voice she sung the lullaby with such gentleness that I found myself listening only to her. She had no difficulty with the lullaby it came first as whisper leading up to a soft crooning then fading away as softly as she started singing. I must admit although I was standing on my own two feet I felt an irresistible urge to close my eyes and sleep. Snapping my eyes open I began to have my doubts as to being a judge for the Fairy song contest. What would happen if I fell asleep during the contest after all I had asked that all Fairies sing the same song. One Fairy voice after another each singing the same lullaby surely I would not be able to stay awake to announce the winner.

I walked back home and thought about the contest how can I stay awake when all are singing a lullaby that all Fairy Babies are sung to sleep with. Then I had an idea; a short fanfare from an orchestra between each version of the lullaby would surely wake me if I was in danger of dropping off to sleep. I now had a new problem who could I ask to perform at the song contest. I decided to ask the Toads for their help the toads had a very good orchestra and if I asked them perhaps they would play in the song contest.

The toads were full of enthusiasm playing for the Fairies was always a pleasure. They, the Fairies were the only ones that did not say that toads were ugly. There was only one small thing that the toads must overcome the big base drum player was down with flu and they had no one to take his place. Without the big base drum the noise of the fanfare to wake me if I fell asleep would perhaps not be loud enough then as if he knew I needed his assistance Shamus my Leprechaun friend appeared. When he heard of the big base drum, drummer being ill with the flu he agreed to play the drum for the evening. The time came around the Fairies all appeared in the clearing by the old oak. The Toads marched in carrying all kinds of weird instruments at the back Shamus with his shillelagh and the big base drum hanging over his shoulder on leather straps. I called the meeting to order and explained to the waiting Fairies that after each had sung their lullaby the Toad Orchestra would play a fanfare then the next Fairy was to go on stage to sing her version of the lullaby and so on.

I managed with the help of the orchestra to keep awake as the first twelve singers sang their songs. Shamus had placed the big base drum on the floor and his shillelagh was hitting the drum for him. I nearly fell over laughing as I saw Shamus and his performing Shillelagh but managed to keep a straight face. Then the Fairy with the lovely voice came onto the stage. She sang as she had never sung before. This voice could lullaby all babies into sleep both human and Fairies. As the fairy sang the last sweet note all the Fairies rose from their toadstools and cheered and clapped they had all enjoyed the Lullaby and I must admit it was a pleasure for me to declare this Fairy as the best singer in all Fairyland.

Her Majesty appeared bringing with her fully laden tables of Fairy cakes sweet soft honey sweets and bottles of elderberry wine and for Shamus and I a couple of bottles of parsnip wine. The evening ended with the leader of the toad orchestra; an ugly specimen indeed; asking the Fairies to end the evening with the same lullaby that all had previously one after the other sung now this was a real treat all of the Fairies singing together with the winning Fairy’s voice encouraging all to give of their best. Yes you have guessed right I with the sound of the lullaby still in my ears dropped off into a wonderful refreshing sleep that night.
Bernard Shaw

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