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Postby JOEAMOO » Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:37 am

I humbly asked for the truth
But all they could give me were facts.
So i demanded for the proof
But alI i got was lies enclosed in fanciful tacts.

I do not want the facts.
Facts are democratic constellations of blatant figures and half truths
That dazzles ,hypnotizes and enslave mans choiceS.
It’s the majority that determine the facts
It the majority that crucifies the Christs.

With the same contempt , I desire not for feelings
For there are madness in its divinest sense
Feelings are faiths,but don’t ask me why, That’s just how I feel
Feelings deprive us of reason
Arrests fact and figures and prosecute them for treason.

But I wish about all things for the truth.
For the Truth casteth out lies
a dictatorial suture of humility and wisdom
truth is mans closest imitation of God.
So give the truth , but please give it slowly.
The truth is sometimes too obscene for virgin minds

Fact are the innermost feelings of truth
And my Truth bear my facts no grudge
But if my facts are wrong
And this upon me proved with zeal
Let no one hold my truth in contempt
For I am just but a poet, and I write what I feel.

Copyright (2009) JOSEPH KOFI GYANTEH


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