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Churning Waters

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Churning Waters

Postby john leroy maxwell » Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:30 pm

Churning waters o'er the dam, dykes and rivers controlled by man
White foam up the rivers flow, forward, onward, as they go
The rivers, streams my pleasure fill, the surging blast the force it tell
Is it from Heaven or is it from Hell
Cascading o'er the rocks, so high, are we to perish there to die
No stories told of days of old, the mighty torrent, a pot of gold
Onward, onward surge you may, forever, and ever, day to day
The resivoir beneath your breast, in thunderous silence you
surge the best
In your bosom, fish do spawn, reptiles, serpents to prey at dawn
You ne'er stop, no ebb, no break, no food you eat, just water take
Surging on to everlast, no thought for future, nor the past
Many dreams in days of yore, some dreams come true,
some close the door
I leave you now, with backward look
Churning Waters, torrential brook
john leroy maxwell

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