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Natures Song

About non-human things and mother nature!

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Natures Song

Postby john leroy maxwell » Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:54 pm

A mountain brook, a mountain stream
Rippling waters weave me a dream
I try to grasp that special note, the stoic
rocks, the ripples poke
Extending fingers play the tune, in
harmony the ripples croon
The waters dance so full of glee
A mountain stream, a symphony
The score be written from above, in
all His glory, all His love
A story told to me, to you, compassion
filled, compassion true
From wence it came, where does it go
What unknown tales for us to know
What secrets held beneath it's crest
It never sleeps, it never rests
Serenity it gives to me, all my cares
doth set me free
I'd like to stay forever here
But leave I must, this place so dear
john leroy maxwell

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