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Postby john leroy maxwell » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:22 pm

They asked me once, they asked me more, "where is the
Nation that you adore"
My country's big and very wide, from sea to sea,
and tide to tide
I love my country, through and through, from
shore to shore, and oceans blue
They say in riddles, "do you talk, where is the
land you choose to walk"
Where e'er my foot steps thats my home, and
when I'm there I'm not alone
So you must see, my home's not small, and
for myself, I loveth all
My home is not a single place, my home is every
Nation, every race
I love the world and all there in, all races, people
are next of kin
Cousins, Sisters, Brothers too, o'er shores and
shores, and oceans blue
The worlds my home, shall always be
From shore to shore, from sea to sea
john leroy maxwell

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