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Another New Year

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Another New Year

Postby Story Guy » Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:31 pm

My Wish for New Years
Bernard Howe January, 2007

Now that it's a New Year,
resolutions have been made.
Some resolutions will be kept,
while others soon will fade.

Our hope is that this year,
will be better than the last.
For it's our life long dream,
that our best will be surpassed.

Here's a toast to the New Year,
and a toast to all my friends.
I hope we'll always be,
and never have to make amends.

May life be kind and gentle,
as we grow old with grace.
May all your loved ones gather,
with a kiss as you embrace.

May all your deepest wishes,
come true for you this year.
You know I really mean this,
and my wishes are sincere.
Story Guy

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