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Winter Lights - themed

Thoughts of special days and times of the year!

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Winter Lights - themed

Postby Csescape » Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:12 pm

These poems were added during December 2006
for a writing theme 'Winter Lights'.

The thread should remain locked and nothing added to it please.
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I Saw Saint Nic by Craig Timmins

Postby Craig.Timmins » Thu Dec 14, 2006 7:02 pm

I Saw Saint Nic
by Craig Timmins

I heard a thud at my very front door,
When I opened it I gasped with awe.
For there in the air above the snow,
Was a reindeers nose that was set aglow.

I couldn't believe what I just saw with my eyes,
Saint Nic came flying across the skies.
For it was growing dark and was soon to be night,
But I didn't jump and shiver with fright.

I heard a thud on the top of my roof,
Followed by a noise that sounded like each landing hoof.
From the chimney he came, soaring down.
I took a sneak peak, I thought, was it a clown?

He was dressed in red from top to toe,
When he laughed, he went ho, ho, ho.
His beard was white, and dazzling bright.
When he laid down the presents I wanted to jump with delight!

He saw me kneeling behind the couch,
He turned his head, I decided to crouch.
He started to laugh which wobbled his belly,
It looked to me like a plate full of jelly.

He handed me a present and then told me to hush!
Then drank his sherry and left in a rush.
He called on his reindeer from one to eight,
And flew into the skies so not to be late.

The midnight hour is soon at hand,
Most children are asleep across the land.
Houses adorned with colourful lights,
The spirit of Christmas is yours for tonight.

Craig Timmins
Copyright 2006

I don't need a Christmas present by Ken Robertson

Postby krob7418 » Sat Dec 16, 2006 11:23 am

I don?t need a Christmas present

I don?t need a Christmas present,

A small angel luminescent

Lives with me in this house on Main

So I never even feel pain.

I don?t change the beds around here

Wash, iron, or keep the air clear.

I don?t do dishes, sweep the floor,

Or polish some old cuspidor.

I mend no clothes and make no bread

And there is nothing that I dread.

We pray for others each morning,

Of evil words we give warning.

She laughs when I tell any joke

And won?t complain if I am broke.

She keeps me happy all the time

With fragrant words breathed like mild thyme

When we walked through an herb garden

With her beside me as guardsmen

Standing at the gates of heaven,

Our perfect and final haven.

Now and then I stop to marvel,

Our feet cease to crunch the gravel

On the eternal path of life,

Why won?t God do this for my wife? :lol:

Copyright 2006 Ken Robertson

Emmett by Ken Robertson

Postby krob7418 » Sun Dec 17, 2006 9:16 pm

The people of Emmett were all sleeping
Except for children who were all peeping,
Waiting for ol? Santa with excitement.
They?d jump out of their beds from enticement
Of Santa?s arrival at each child?s house
Though all of the lights in the house were doused!
What child needs lights when their eyes are so bright,
Opened so wide you?d laugh to see the sight?
I?m telling the truth or my name?s not Ruth.
I need no help, none! in showing the proof.
These kids are excited, I?m telling you,
It?s true I say, or the sky is not blue.
What?s this jingling I hear on the rooftop
Asked Ruth as her heart pounded and flip flopped?
Matthew asked nothing, he knew what it was
So he sped from his bed, finding the cause,
Standing at the tree was ol? Santa Clause
Dressed all in red and white. With not one pause,
He put out the presents, for Ruth, a doll,
For Matthew, a toy train with a great long haul,
Their mother, a silk bouquet of roses,
For dad, the words of Jesus and Moses.
Now Ruth, eyes glistening, rushed to the room
Then mother and dad entered with a boom!
"What?s all this racket in here?" asked mother,
As Ruth burst out laughing with her brother,
They pointed to Santa who?d turned around
Trying to flee with his feet on the ground
Jumping here and there with feet in the air,
Who could this be with long white beard and hair?
"This isn?t Santa, I know him" said Dad,
"But don?t be worried, it can?t be all bad,
Nothing is changed, he?s a really good lad".
This ?Santa? went for the door, looking sad,
He was kicking up feet, going faster
When the kids laughed out loud, "It?s our pastor!"
The next Sunday, the word had gone ?round town.
Because our pastor had been such a clown,
When he talked, the adults couldn?t sit still
But children were quiet, getting a thrill,
They heard every word the Pastor did preach
Not one of them moved, not even to reach
Songbook or Bible, not one of them would.
Parents were proud that the kids were so good
They decided to ask them what was done
Why as always they didn?t scream and run.
In unison they replied without pause,
"You should be good, Pastor is Santa Clause!"

Now the sermon that the Pastor had preached
Into the minds of the children had seeped.
Little by little it came to each mind
They should be honest, just, gentle and kind,
Honoring their fathers and their mothers
Caring for their sisters and their brothers.
They reached the conclusion Jesus is best
So they set out to tell the church of rest
Eternal, gifts, miracles and Jesus,
The man in heaven who always sees us.
Declaring they?d traded in Santa Clause
For Jesus the Christ, a much greater cause.
Copyright by Kenneth Robertson 2003

Christmas Lights and Memories by Bernard Howe

Postby Story Guy » Sat Dec 23, 2006 12:35 pm

Christmas Lights and Memories
by Bernard Howe

The Christmas Tree adorned with lights,
twinkling, blinking, shinning so bright.
Branches with ornaments and garland illuminated
This is what I call one beautiful sight.

Christmas lights are warmer to me,
than color wheels from out of the past.
On silver trees made from aluminum foil,
I'm just glade that those didn't last.

Now the bubble lights are starting to return
memories of past years are churning within.
As my boyhood years puts a smile on my face
remembering those lights does give me a grin.

My real Christmas Tree with lights of all kinds
gets me remembering times from my past.
Good times and memories of family and friends
are life long treasures, something that will last.

Bernard Howe
December 2006
Story Guy

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