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SCARE ME! - themed

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SCARE ME! - themed

Postby Csescape » Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:52 pm

The following poems were added during October 2006
for a writing theme 'SCARE ME"

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My Halloween Night by Cynthia Jones

Postby Csescape » Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:41 am

My Halloween Night
Cynthia Jones

THUMP! THUMP! On the door.
THUMP! THUMP! I can't take no more.
THUMP! THUMP! It hurts my head.

Why did I come here I do not know.
My friend, he did insist.
Now the night is so frightful,
With this banging, as it repeats.

The stone door, it is so cold.
A place for only the dead.
But something from the other side
is banging, and I feel so much dread.

The grass is wet and dark,
From here it looks to be black.
The stones that bear their names,
Of those that should not come back.

THUMP! THUMP! A sound I don't want to hear!
THUMP! THUMP! As the clouds go rolling by.
THUMP! THUMP! Day break is not even near!
THUMP! THUMP! I think I will sit and cry.

What was the plan? I try to recall.
We came here with a clue.
But now I am here all alone,
And I do not know what to do.

I want to run but can not move,
And I wonder where he has gone.
My friend you see has disappeared,
And left me scared and alone.

The thought now did occur to me...
That maybe the banging, it was he?
I would have to open that door
To be sure, and for myself to see.

THUMP! THUMP! As I get closer to the quake.
THUMP! THUMP! My mind is only thinking gore.
THUMP! THUMP! My hands tremble and shake...
THUMP! THUMP! As I open the heavy and cold door.

My friend, he is there and he yells loud at me.
"Could you not hear... it was all quite compelling?"
I looked at him and screamed "STOP YOUR YELLING!"

Another sound had started once more.
Again, a banging on that concrete door.
What was it now, not us for sure.
We both stood here and accounted for.

My friend and I looked at the other.
What to do now, we were not sure.
What ever it was, was not us,
On the other side of that door

THUMP! THUMP! We could not breath.
THUMP! THUMP! Was the only sound.
THUMP! THUMP! We had to leave.
THUMP! THUMP! Death was all around.

Like a walker over hot coals...
I thought I would be brave,
And open the door just to see...
Maybe coax back into it's grave.

As my hand touched to the cold,
The sound was still and quiet.
My heart beat hard in my chest,
And I just could not do it.

I pushed my friend, we started to run
And ran we did, all the way home.
He to his, I to mine, safe we did recover.
Snug in my bed, I waited for Halloween to be over.

THUMP! THUMP! The sound repeats, steady, cold and true.
THUMP! THUMP! The dead awake to walk free, waiting there for you.
THUMP! THUMP! A night for death and life to commence, to gather and to mingle.
THUMP! THUMP! It is true, that chill you feel, and down your spine the tingle.

Cynthia Jones
October 2006

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Captured In Thought by Craig Timmins

Postby Craig.Timmins » Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:30 am

Captured In Thought
Craig Timmins

I lay on her bed, asleep, and dreaming of her.
Something took a hold of my hand; it lifted me up so I could stand.
I caught a glimpse of her face, white and gaunt with jet black hair.
Her eyes looked lonely with the sense of despair.

Her hands were slippery like she had been out in the rain,
My neck started to tighten and increase with pain.
I fell back down as if she let go,
I had woken up in a place that felt like somewhere I know.
My hands were bounded by rope that I started to untie,
Then I looked up to see the sun in the sky.

I heard a river not too far away,
As I got closer I saw that?s where she lay.
The water lapping up her body so gentle, so calm,
I noticed the rope, but where did it come from?

She slowly submerged like a ship going down,
All she was wearing was a white satin gown.
Her lips were so red like an English rose.
As her eyes started to close her body froze.

I suddenly awoke to catch my breath,
I looked at my wrists then opened my hand.
Inside my hand lay a lock of her hair...

But when I looked around, she wasn?t there.

Craig Timmins
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

Halloween Adventure by Rachelle Arlin Credo

Postby Rachelle Arlin Credo » Wed Nov 01, 2006 8:34 pm

Halloween Adventure
by Rachelle Arlin Credo

I was barely nine or ten
When I came to hunt for ghosts
At a barren makeshift house
that seemed deserted, or almost.

As I stepped up the stairs
The stench was in the air.
I knew then what I was in for,
And I wished I wasn?t there.

My hands were quivering
when I turned the flashlight on
the eerie silence was deafening
Then I heard a groan.

I ran towards an armchair
and sat comfortably indeed;
Flicking the broken bulb on
just right above my head.

I sat there for an hour or so,
Till I heard a bit of static;
The TV monitor was flashing,
Something moving in the attic!

I grabbed my bag immediately
and rushed up the rickety stairs
from the crack beneath the door,
lights flashed in static glare.

"Anyone there?, I called out
But no one dared to speak
I was about to move down the attic
when I heard something squeak.

I turned back in anticipation
of whatever I might find
I could hear my heart thumping
and chill tingling up my spine.

I pushed the door open
and discreetly moved inside
when alas! I saw a girl
standing by my side!

She was wearing white
a cloak of silent terror
Her eyes, sunken red
streaked with shades of horror.

Suddenly, she vanished
in a flicker of surprise
I felt a sigh of relief
I thought I was gonna die!

Without second thoughts,
I dashed down the stairs
Towards the entrance door
and out of the haunting scare.

I thought that tale of ghosts
were just sick scary jokes,
For haunted houses told before
Turned out to be a hoax.

Yet that day I learned
though it had to be the hard way
that there really are supernaturals
and they coexist with us today.

Rachelle Arlin Credo
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved
Rachelle Arlin Credo

Fears by Denver Fredericks

Postby Csescape » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:36 pm

by Denver Fredericks

How do I scare you, rattle the cage
not revealing too much about me
Our fears stem from,are a result
Of what scares us, the window to me

?Cry me a river? Justin said
His fears are evident in his lyrics
Being alone, left without
Even his tone one of hysterics

Another splurged in the midst
A woman cheating him with another
That other would never fulfill
He the brother, the man, the lover

What drives you to fret? Joyce
Pending death, health or past lovers
Each as rooted distaste and hate
Out in public naked, out of the covers

A virus from a social interaction
Herpes simplex making life complex
That boss?s wink and then the pinch
The loss of ones favorite Chinese Rolex.

Materials pulling the pack
Or emotions ruling the roost
What is the essence of your fear
A gigantic marshmallow mousse?

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2006

Life is mercifully brief by Denver Fredericks

Postby Csescape » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:37 pm

Life is mercifully brief
by Denver Fredericks

A snow crystal is beautiful because of its brevity
A dodo is recalled in splendid term because it?s no more
A glimpse of a loch ness created frantic activity
The bones of gigantic animals has us staring at bones

When and if they are around they get looked over
They become a nuisance, a hassle, all under foot
Something in their make up like a persistent smoker
Just makes us dismiss them till they totally dismissed

We are the same with our lives and neighbors
We are solemn in our worship at the graveside funeral
Regretting lost occasions when we should have labored
In saying I love you, here?s some rose, enjoy your day

So if the stars are what we seek and what we desire
Then forego on those around and live for the past
Seek solace in the future and all that is conspired
For life is mercifully brief and we fall in its grace

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2006

SCARE ME by Denver Fredericks

Postby Csescape » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:38 pm

by Denver Fredericks

Scary sardonic slivering sis-pool
Slimy sticky sacrilege, socialized sods
Seething slowly, snaking stools

Carelessly careening, crawlies creeping
Clawing caustic callous crypts
Creamy cheese curdling coyly

Attention alien affliction
Abandon action abruptly Aureus
Avail, abortive accused

Rebellious runs, rithering rot
Reeking releasing rare ruin
Restrained recklessness riot

Enough emesis, enough effluent
Enuresis end, entero-bacteruim evict
Eternal endless energy-draining effects

Make mayhem miter
Meandering malady
Maelstrom Meal medication

End extricating extramural Effects
External eviction events lessen
End esteem enough endured

Stop canters and reactive episodes
Make evident
Science can alter retrospective events,
Manufactured easily
Sewage cease anal reflux trial,
Mute extractor
Silence cramps and rumblings,
moan-less enough

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2006

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