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"HALLOWEEN" by Tom Zart

Postby Tom Zart » Tue Mar 14, 2006 11:18 am

"HALLOWEEN" by Tom Zart

Blowing leaves, cornstalks, apples, and nuts
Are reminders of autumn's Halloween.
Dressing up in costumes and wearing masks,
To trick or treat at night, as goblins scream.

High-hat witches with pots of candy,
From the ground up are three to four feet tall.
Costume parties where grownups are children,
As cut pumpkins flicker after night's fall.

Skeletons hanging from doorways or trees,
With black paper cats arching in windows.
Black jellybeans and chicken-corn candy,
And the whistle of the wind as it blows.

Every Halloween means summer has gone,
And the time for cultivation has past.
Though winter may seem cold, harsh, and cruel,
Once it's over, it's springtime at last.

Tom Zart
Author of
Love, War And More
Published by
Publish America
2005 All Rights Reserved
Tom Zart

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