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Thanksgivivg Day

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Thanksgivivg Day

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Tue May 08, 2007 3:24 pm

by Claude Peter Dhuet

Many words have been written,
About our Thanksgiving day,
A day we choose to celebrate,
In our very own unique way.

A special day that we set aside-,
To say what we are thankful for,
We celebrate it most everywhere,
In whatever place we are.

But why should we be thankful,
Just one day of the year,
All the things we have this day,
We have most all the year.

Perhaps its because we?re too busy,
To stop and contemplate,
Or at the end of our busy day,
We find that?s its too late.

To think of friends and health and things,
That are ours most every day,
The air we breath, the sunshine,
And that we?ve lived for one more day.

So let us try to be thankful,
Each and every day that we are here,
And make each day a Thanksgiving day,
Each and every day of the year.

By- Claude Peter Dhuet
November 24, 2005
Claude Peter Dhuet

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