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A is for Abort by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Tue Aug 22, 2006 6:58 am

A is for abort
by Denver Fredericks

A very long night of fatherly concern
Yet the persons on this end see this as abuse
What do you want a pint of blood
To convince this is not just a ruse
Now what is the essence of this here life?
A muddle meant to test and confuse
Or is this another of those lessons in life
That foe future reference we need to reuse

A mass of these here people hormonal lot
Oestrogen progesterone bundle of nerves alone
The need to overwhelm rectify control
We lack less sapiens feel out of it, forlorn
Please bless us and keep us safe dear God
Us the emotionless insensitive morons
Like the gangster living large and in charge
Caught for tax evasions poor al Capone

Give us a break no actually please give us more
The essence of life learnt on the trot
So babe don?t let up and ease on pressure
Making me feel like damn wet rot
You may have hit the nail on the head
Most others just took an aimless pot shot
At least someone that can keep track
A running commentary taken tot for tot

Having insight most don?t possess
You have the attitude of one most astute
Now you have help and aide objectively
Even help with possible likely recruits
But you are domineering and abrasive
And other qualities you can?t refute
But all else is true you one so true
And no recourse on that I?m mute

Surround yourself with ones that stimulate
That is something that needs your initiate
Our lives are lived on events and happenings
Our need to learn, love and procreate
Build toil and labour on further on further
Apprised of others we learn to tolerate
Joy has been seen friendship been spawn
Our lives we meant to enjoy and celebrate

Denver Fredericks
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