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Beyond These Walls

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Beyond These Walls

Postby lanaia74 » Mon Jul 09, 2007 12:09 pm

In this life of service and solitude to another
In reality, I have no life of my own
I was born and bred to service Pharaoh, my master, my lover, my brother
A life belonging to me, this I have never known

I have never thought, what another life would be like
One in which I could walk beside the Nile, whenever I choose
Free to do whatever I choose, like my other Egyptian brethren, in some sort of way, all of us being alike.
But in my world, Pharaoh I can never refuse.

If I could just slip away, to be able to know, what being free really means
To be able to run beside the Nile, with the wind blowing in my face
To say I have been there, this place I have really seen
To know how others live outside these palace gates, outside in freedom, far from this place.

Being part of a harem, freedom is never possible for me
I am told, it is a great gift, to be condemned to behind these walls
Here, I will be protected and well cared for, as I belong to Pharaoh, I should be as happy as can be
Within these royal walls, I will never stumble and fall.

Just as curiosity killed the cat, will it cause the same for me?
I have to know what lies beyond, or my mind will never rest again
When the curtain of night arrives, I shall leave these protective walls, going beyond them, so life, I can really see.
So I impatiently wait, as I will go outside these gates, thinking real life I'll be able to see

Soon darkness reigns upon the earth, I take my leave, going to a place, I have never been
Breaching these walls, all I have ever known, is behind me now
Soon, I meet a man, that tells me, he is my friend and my well being, he would never offend
So I go with him down a small alley way, then------------------------------------------------------

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