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"D-DAY THE WALL" by Tom Zart

Postby Tom Zart » Tue Mar 14, 2006 2:56 am

by Tom Zart

Over two hundred rangers scaled "The Wall"
A stone cliff over one hundred feet tall.
Some of them made it all the way to the top,
While others fell and perished from their drop.

Those who climbed over, had answered God's call;
For men to stop evil once and for all.
They fought the Germans and destroyed their guns,
To save the lives of our fathers and sons.

So many years have passed since then,
When our world's future was saved by brave men.
We cannot forget the hell they went through,
Before the skies, again turned blue.

Tom Zart
Author of
Love, War And More
Published by
Publish America
2005 All Rights Reserved

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Tom Zart

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