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"ANCIENT ART" by Tom Zart

Postby Tom Zart » Tue Mar 14, 2006 2:51 am

by Tom Zart

The earliest art we know
Was painted on the walls of caves.
Man has a strange uniqueness,
With art his image he saves.

Art was used to show greatness
Of pharaohs, kings and queens;
Who held tight to their titles
By the use of any means.

Greeks and Macedonians
Carved statues of themselves,
To stand by pools of water
Or to perch upon their shelves.

The art of the Dark Ages
Left something behind to tell;
That heaven looked quite good
To those whose life was hell.

Tom Zart
Author of
Love, War And More
Published by
Publish America
2005 All Rights Reserved

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Tom Zart

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