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"The Torments of Time"

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"The Torments of Time"

Postby Tom Zart » Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:15 am

"The Torments of Time"

Battles are waged by older men
In war rooms in countries apart.
Who call for greater firepower
And boots for the combat chart.

While out among the shattered flesh
The dreams of all have turned gray.
So young and determined their faces were
Till on the battlefield they lay.

Unable to overcome their pride
The politicians cast their vote.
For this or that or something else
As the rage of war sounds its note.

Wherever wars are won or lost
The soldiers fall like toys.
Down through history it remains the same
Most who die are hardly more than boys.

Like monkeys in a revolving cage
Man squabbles for the peanuts of power.
When will we rise above our greed
And become as a beautiful flower?

Death to death, dust to dust
The wrath of war is a honorable crime.
It’s the beast within that still prevails
As it has through the torments of time.

By Tom Zart
Tom Zart

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