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Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:30 pm

By Claude P. Dhuet

Twas on this day so long ago
This deed took place you should know
Out of the sky they came in force
Suddenly appearing like a lurking ghost

It was on a Sunday morning, all was still
Soldiers were resting, just over the hill
The harbor ships all stood in line
Assuming that everything was fine.

Nobody knew what was in store
If they had known they would have prepared more
But we cannot look back to our mistakes
Decisions they were made perhaps in haste.

Torpedo planes they dropped their load
Of sudden death that would soon explode
And sink the ships with a loud boom
Those not prepared to meet their doom.

The Arizona she didn’t stand a chance
Many sailors perished when she sank
There they still sleep the sleep of death
Do not disturb, just let them rest.

On Wheeler and Hickam field peril was in store
For many planes that would see air no more
For up in flame they would soon burn
Credit for pilots they would never earn.

The barracks then became the betrayer’s target
Many men perished in their quarters
Without a warning they had no chance
There was nary a warning, in advance.

On that fateful day 2400 perished
People who were by family cherished
Now still is the time to be alert
For we know not where betrayal lurks.

In memory of Pearl Harbor Day.

Claude P. Dhuet
Dec. 3, 2008
Claude Peter Dhuet

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