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Postby Story Guy » Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:34 pm

by Bernard Howe

There is something puzzling me
in which I don't understand.
It comes from across the sea
and looks like some old man.

It has to be a relic
for its looks like it is dead.
It?s definitely not angelic
its eyes are closed with thread.

Its hide is dark and shaggy
and its fur is almost gone.
Its tummy is really baggy
it looks almost like our lawn.

It had to be real sick
it's missing its right eye.
Its body isn't thick
it could be called awry.

I think it's in hiding
from those that had it first.
Its moral is subsiding
its wear is just the worst.

Old teddy has been forgotten
and tossed out for good.
Now here he is all rotten
and very misunderstood.

Once a prized possession
now teddy is all gone.
I now have one last question
will teddy see another dawn?

Bernard Howe
March 2006
Story Guy

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