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Together in heaven is the option left by Denver Fredericks

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Together in heaven is the option left by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Tue Sep 05, 2006 3:27 am

together in heaven is the option left

together in heaven is the option left
our paths have alighned and parted
i, we could, will never be the same
cant even pinpoint how the rot started

now the only way we speak is in my head
the only love i receive is from your memory
the hurt is loss i feel however is constant
and this all amounts to deprivation sensory

sorry for my obvious wrongs, misdeamours
i had it all and wanted more to no avail
could not buy me love then and still cant
lost and hurt, regret,remorse all line my trial

lost more than you lost a lot more of me
somehow the death of us kill off compassion
the heart grudgingly beats life now painful
not easy living thru this in this fashion

now heaven is the only option left
where i'll get to see you and not ache
maybe we'll not know the bad that memory
must be an option or my heart forever break

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 1999

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