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The Wait for Eternity by Roland R. Ruiz

Postby puddles1947 » Thu Jul 13, 2006 4:06 am

The Wait for Eternity
Roland R. Ruiz

Dedicated To: Armandina Magallanes

Thoughts of you, dwell in my dreams as I sleep upon this empty bed
And ponder of our times together
Of the many years of passion, shared as one in this very room

The pain of love which lie deep inside, is all that's left of you
Its been a year since you've departed, and the hurt remains the same
In my crying heart, I think of you each and every day

How I wish I could go back in time, and be with you again
The loneliness in my soul, is just too much to bear
So I sit in the darkness of this house, which for us was our castle

Until your life was taken, by the God we love so much
Now only the memories of you are left, to keep me occupied
Which helps to fill the void of emptiness, which resides within my being

I remember speaking gently, as I held your shaken hands
As we walked beside the white tipped waves, along the water's edge
The words I used to calm your fears, I recall ever so clear

I told you what you meant to us, how much we'll miss your love
Your son and daughter, who'll cherish you, will always remember their Mom
But most of all, your partner whos shared so many hopes and dreams
Will keep you in his thoughts, every second of the day

But since you've left, I pine each night, I want to be with you
I remember saying, you'll see me soon, so weep no tears for me
But God decided to let me live, oh how I yearn for death

If you could just whisper softly, he may just grant the wishes, I pray for every night
To place my soul and heart with you, and put me by your side
So we can be a set together, in this new eternity

Roland R. Ruiz
Copyright, 2006

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