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The Dash by Robin (RL) Thomas

Postby RLThomas » Wed May 10, 2006 11:03 pm

The Dash
Robin Thomas

See the dash between the years now and when we first arrive.
It marks the days we were here up until we die.
Dashes are dots, some are short, some dashes quite long.
Dashes signify once we were here and now we are gone.
Lives we lead are on display within the dash for all to see.
Those whose lives I've touched, those whose lives touched me.
At times I dashed through life, no regard for who was there.
No remorse for harms caused, no regret, love or care.
My dash at times was crooked Lord, need not point out to you.
Parts I care not to disect, right wrongs I couldn't undo.
Now is not the time for this, I prepared before this day.
My dash would come to pass with all I did or didn't say.
I made a pact with the Lord to strive to do my best.
Right the wrongs, say the unsaid, let my past finally rest.
My part I kept, as did you, my dash holds a memorable life.
Children touched my soul as did my best friend, a husband or wife.
Unaffraid, worried not for those I leave behind.
Love many, help all you can, live life, be not unkind.
You lost me not loved ones, in your hearts, we shared a past.
In your future there I am watching you complete your dash.

Robin Thomas
Copyright 2006
This is dedicated to Jay's Papaw, during his last days on this earth, his passing inspired this poem. It references the year we are born through the year we die, the life we lead is in the - (dash). Thanks for reading.

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