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The Next Eternity by Roland R. Ruiz

Postby puddles1947 » Tue Feb 14, 2006 6:57 pm

The Next Eternity

As we walk along this lonely shore, in the twilight of our years
I hold your hand, as a gentle breeze, blows across the wind swept sands

The white tipped waves, which follow us, along the water's edge
Reminds me of the dreams, we're shared, along the road of life

I hear the tiredness in your voice
See the trembles in your hands
Feel the worries in your thoughts
As we search our souls for memories
Of better times and sweeter dreams
Which seemed to have passed us by

Our eyes have seen the wonders, of a thousand different things
We've shared delights together, that will last the test of time

Have seen the vestige values, of all that we've done
And shared so many tears and smiles, along our traveled life

But this I'll tell you love, with not one single regret
I'll never love another, as much as I love you

There's no one, to hold a candle, for what you've done for me
And now the end is growing short, we've known this for quite sometime

I prayed and hoped, the Doctor was wrong, in the months he gave to you
But now we know, how right he is, oh God, how I wish, this would pass

As I look into your sadden eyes, I feel the pain, you hold so tight
For fifty years we've shared a life of joy, it seems like only yesterday

When I held you in my arms, on our blissful wedding day
Now my darling, I say to you, with all the love in my heart

You're soon to leave, these earthly bounds, and I need you to remember this
You'll leave a son and daughter, who'll always cherish you

And most of all, you'll leave a partner, but for just a little while
So take heart, my love, you'll see me soon, let not your eyes weep for me

For we're a set, that belongs together, in the next eternity

Written by: Roland R. Ruiz
February 05, 2006

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