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When His Soul Is Laid To Rest

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When His Soul Is Laid To Rest

Postby RLThomas » Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:17 pm

Burying my child today.
How did things come to this?
This is the parting of our lives.
The part I am supposed to miss.

How did all of this happen?
Everything is so turned around.
Instead of putting my son to rest,
It should be me in the ground.

God I would give anything.
If he and I could trade places,
Then I wouldn’t have to see the look,
That his children have on their faces.

This can’t be his destiny.
The end his journey will take.
Stuck within this tragic nightmare.
From this I pray to wake.

Lord, please give me strength,
To come through this with belief,
That you have more in store for him,
As my heart is stricken with grief.

Please help me to remember
He was only loaned to me.
And you needed him to come on home.
To his final destiny.

Lord, while I have your attention.
Know my faith has passed the test.
I entrust him to your loving care…
When his soul is laid to rest.

All rights reserved, c Robin Thomas

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