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Nothing you did by Denver Fredrericks

Postby Denver » Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:44 pm

Nothing you did

its nothing you did or didnt do
in fact you did everything right
not even what we could have done
you definately were not the cause
more proximity nothing you did

when we drifted hard to accurately know
cant pinpoint when we let trivia take
hindsight glibly says if only i knew
togetherness a gloriuous us gone to waste
all so subtle its hard to have known

from destiny and need our love did grow
we neede more than just the fluff
out of desire for each other we grew
a dependency and stable partnership
out of wreck lives and broken hearts grown

so even though together we no longer live
always the bond of eternal us will exist
for with you i was loved and felt alive
and even in this life time we cant predict
we may relive and rekindle what we lived

Denver Fredericks
Copyright 2008

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