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MY Father by Bernard Howe

Postby Story Guy » Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:19 pm

My Dad
Bernard Howe

I finally am able to write a poem about my Father. I could not for several days as I was not ready for him to leave this world just yet, it came as a complete shock to the family.

My Dad

Eighty Seven years
is what my father had.
He lived by simple means,
and I'm proud to call him Dad.

War injuries to car accidents,
prostate cancer and more.
Could not erase the smile,
that my father wore.

He was proud he was a veteran,
and helped keep our country free.
He was wounded there in France,
way across the cruel Atlantic sea.

Three boys he raised, in Illinios,
till they all left on their own.
Some times it wasn't easy,
at times they made him groan.

As they grew into men,
I believe they made him proud.
They learned their lessons well,
from a man who stood out in a crowd.

His back was bent and crooked,
and his knees began to fail.
His love for his departed wife,
made him seem real frail.

But his faith in God above,
and that to heaven he would go.
To be with his darling wife,
is what kept his face aglow.

I know I will miss him,
and our little talks each night.
I now feel an emptyness,
as my tears I try to fight.

Bernard Howe
Copyright 2006
Story Guy

Postby Story Guy » Sun Feb 26, 2006 11:25 pm

Your face is always before us,
Your voice we'll never forget,
Your smile will linger forever,
In our memories we see you yet.

Your voice keeps whispering gently,
Dear ones be brave and true,
At the end of life there?s sunshine,
I?ll be watching and waiting for you.

A light is from our household gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home
That never can be filled.

But you are not forgotten,
Nor never will you be,
As long as life and memory lasts?
We will always think of thee.

Sweet Jesus open wide Thy Heart,
And let him rest therein,
We give him wholly, not in part,
To Thee, his Lord and King.

May the Blessed Virgin greet him,
And present him to her son.
May His Sacred Heart receive him
As it was, God?s Will was done.
Story Guy

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