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WWII and Mr. Howe, by Denny Lancaster

Postby denny99 » Thu Feb 23, 2006 5:55 pm

WWII and Mr. Howe
by Denny Lancaster

One more of our valiant old guard
has passed through life's gate,
age progressed and thus their fate
not to live well beyond that date,
when WWII was entered to end all war
as through Europe aggression tore.

Bernie's dad was both Irish and proud,
married a woman who with child she bore,
and both entered our life through a door
which never closed from that fatefully date;
A chapter is written now to turn a page,
as all of us reach one more year of age.

We can play back the battle of the bulge
when Mr. Howe was bleeding real smart
and his proud wearing of a Purple Heart
or when his heart passed away that date,
having to say goodbye for now to his wife
to live alone for the rest of his life.

With each WWII veteran passing til none
there will come a day when no one will know
of the valor each of them in honor did show,
if we do not kindle in children a firm fate
which may befall each of us on a given date
that war is horrible but often necessary act
but mere words will not alter a historical fact.

Mr. Howe and WWII
by Denny Lancaster

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