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REVERIES by Claude Peter Dhuet

All what is meant by life and time!

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REVERIES by Claude Peter Dhuet

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Mon Feb 20, 2006 7:34 pm

Claude Peter Dhuet

What obscure thoughts fill my mind,
As I sit under this old oak tree,
I try to recall the past,
With waning memory.

But the past is veiled, I cannot think,
Of events long gone by,
Of days when the spirit of the young,
Was always at my side.

What carefree days they must have been,
A reflection of the youth within,
A time to do the many things,
That young ones often do.

Where have they gone, those carefree days,
Those days when youth was dawning,
Did these days just pass me by,
Without a word of warning?

As I look at the sky above,
I ask myself did I cherish my love,
Who stood by me to help me win,
The constant struggle we were in,
To make life a bit worthwhile.

And then I think of all the young,
Who travel on life's uncertain way,
Although they seldom heed the old,
These words to them I say-

Don't waste your time, it soon goes by,
Please enjoy every second,
And share your life, with someone who,
Will make your life a blessing.

For youth is but a fleeting dream,
That can easily pass you by,
And all the time that you have wasted,
Will haunt you till you die.

by Claude Peter Dhuet

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Claude Peter Dhuet

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