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for Henry by Denver Fredericks

All what is meant by life and time!

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for Henry by Denver Fredericks

Postby Denver » Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:02 am

For Henry

Don?t mistake guidance for hindrance
Don?t mistake caution for jealousy
And please don?t mistake friendship
For ensuring a enemies proximity
Words meant to help and mutate
Nothing but cascading calamity

Your knowledge once was a goal
A measure to attain and possess
Now that conquer we can move
Not stand fast and slowly regress
Trying to kill the pure passion
From genius and aptitude digress

Words a object of the talent
Flows freely and distinctly
Like awaking in the morning
Effortless and fresh, sublimely
Your path learnt and taught
Instinctive obtain creatively

Now don?t mistake advice for envy
Nor mistake help for deterrence
Neither care for procrastination
For all boils down to interference
They all mute and silence the drive
Remove your pedestal of intelligence

For the possessed academic acumen
And the myriad attained learner-ship
Social aspects never meet or grew
grass root streets versus professorship
take time and catch up on your youth
your whole person will enjoy the trip

Denver Fredericks
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