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Memories by Bernard Howe

Postby Story Guy » Wed Sep 20, 2006 10:53 pm

by Bernard Howe

Dreams from a time gone by,
a joyful time I can't deny.
Friendships that now have past,
some I wish that they had last.

Growing up in a small town,
seemed I knew everyone around.
Being a kid was lots of fun,
where no-one wanted to use a gun.

As we all grew up and moved away,
some went to college and some astray.
Some brave souls died in a far off war,
a war that many have tried to ignore.

New friends have come and passed,
it just seems life goes by so fast.
My own children now have moved away,
now their kids come here to play.

My Mother and Father have passed on,
and some day soon I too will be gone.
My wish now is to see our grandkids grow,
and shower them in Love from head to toe.

As I remember my youthful years,
there are some things that give me tears.
There are always things we'd like to change,
and then some things that now seem strange.

Bernard Howe
copyright Sept, 2006
Story Guy

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